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Special Features

You can now locate and download real legal forms, prepared by attorneys or official forms.  Most are
 state specific and many are not available from any other source.

USLF is always upgrading the site to provide new and expanded options and features. Presently, information and preview links are being added to many forms to give you a more detailed description of the form and a special preview.  You will find the information and preview links under "Description" in the search results for many forms. Thanks for the comments and support.

  • Completion Services are also now offered for selected forms including, Deeds - (Grant Bargain & Sale, Quitclaim, Warranty, and other Deeds), Satisfaction/Release/Reconveyance of Mortgages and Deeds of Trust, Assignment of Mortgage or Deed of Trust,  Affidavit Terminating Joint Tenancy, Subordination Agreement, Deed of Trust or Mortgage (incl. Note), Substitution of Trustee and Recording services nationwide for prepared forms.
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