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If you are a Registered User you will not have to provide your credit card information every time you order forms.

  • Registered User Information - Please read this information carefully. 
    1. To Register Free complete the Registered User Subscription form. Once you have completed the form your Username and Password are active and you can begin using the forms database as a Registered User.  Upon registering, your Credit Card is filed with U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. (USLF), the administrator of the forms database, and charges are made to it as you use the member download link and order forms. The benefit of becoming a registered user is that you do not have to re-enter your personal and credit card information each time you order a form and you are provided with immediate downloading of available forms.  
    2. Registered Users may order and download forms by simply entering their assigned Username and Password without having to re-enter your credit card information with each order. Over 10,500 forms are now available for immediate downloading. See Illustrations at the bottom of this page. 
    3. Registration status will continue until you cancel or your credit card on file becomes unavailable for your charges. 
    4. If you lose your Username or Password send an E-Mail to orders@uslegalforms.com and we will contact you. 
    5. Many forms are available for immediate downloading upon entry of your Username and Password.  For forms that are not immediately downloadable, you will be provided with a link to complete your order. You will then be provided the form for downloading. See Illustrations #5 and #6 below. 
    6. By using your Username and Password to download forms you authorize USLF to debit or charge your credit card on file with USLF for the price of each form.  You will be provided a receipt via E-Mail each time you click on the Member Download lnk and enter your Username and Password. 
    7. Most forms are available in Wordperfect, Microsoft Word, Plain text and Rich Text Formats.  Some forms are only available in Adobe Acrobat Format (.pdf) and require Adobe Acrobat for viewing and printing.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat installed on your Computer, you should download it from Abobe.com. 
    8. For any forms which you download but find unacceptable for your use, you may request a credit under our "Satisfaction Guarantee".  To do so, you must request the credit within 24 hours of downloading the form.  Since you are a registered user, your card will probably not be charged before you request the credit within this time limitation.  By using informed selection of forms, most credits can be avoided, so please become familiar with our "Read this First" links on the home page. 
    9. To download or order a form, all you need do is click on the Member Download link provided in the search results under each the title of the form you desire.  Upon entry of your Username and Password links are provided for downloading. BE CAREFUL: ONCE YOUR HAVE ENTERED YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD OUR SYSTEM REMEMBERS THEM AND EACH AND EVERY MEMBER DOWNLOAD LINK THAT YOU CLICK COULD BE COUNTED AS A DOWNLOAD CHARGE FOR THE CURRENT SESSION.  THE NEXT TIME YOU ENTER THE SITE YOU WILL HAVE TO REENTER YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR THE FIRST DOWNLOAD LINK.
      1. Note:  Charges are only automatically incurred for forms that are available for immediate downloading. For forms that you have to order, no charges are incurred for clicking the Member Download link until you confirm the Order. See Illustrations below. 
    10. USLF reserves the right to amend this agreement without prior notice and to cancel any account for any reason.
    11. As a registered user, the number of forms you may download is pre-set to fifty (50) to protect you from excessive and fraudulent use of your Username and Password.  Once you have exceeded 50 downloads (not orders), you will be contacted for your free renewal of your registered user status. 
    12. All use of the forms database is subject to the USLF Disclaimer and License Agreement to which you agreed before registering and to which you reconfirm your agreement each time you download a form. 

Conduct a search. A sample result is below.


 Consulting Agreement

Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement
Control # IL-17081-MH   | Member Download!   | Price   $10.00

Click on Member Download. A login page will appear.


Member Download Page 

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*For Internal Use only.

Enter your login and you are provided a download page.
You may then click on the desired format and download the form.

You may download the following formats:

Number Online Price Your Price Title
IL-17081-MH $10.00 $10.00 Independent Contractor Consulting Agreement 
    Download the form in MS Word format, 18432 characters.
    Download the form in ASCII text format, 12033 characters.
    Download the form in WordPerfect format, 19692 characters.
    Download the form in Rich Text format, 18300 characters.


You are then charged for the form(s) and your credit card debited. You will receive a receipt via e-mail.

For Forms that are not immediately downloadable the page below will appear.

You may download the following formats: 

Number Online Price Your Price Title
MS-60368 $10.00 $10.00 Management and Consulting Agreement 
    This form is not yet available for downloading.

For forms not immediately available after you place your 
Order you will receive a confirmation as below.

Thank you for using Divorceinfo.com This is your order confirmation. The total amount you will be charged for MS-60368, Management and Consulting Agreement, is $10.00.

Note: It will be provided to you by email and will usually be delivered within a few hours of your order.

Thanks for your order and being a Registered User. 

Name: John Doe 
Address: Main street 
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Credit Card: Visa 
Card Expiration: 01-2002 
Name on Card:  John Doe
Order Date: 07/17/99 

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