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Uncontested Divorce by Long Distance

Because so many people find me on the Internet, it's quite common for me to work with people on their divorce without ever meeting them in person. In general, it works smoothly. It's not necessary for either of you to come to my office for us to prepare the documents for your divorce. In fact, the process works smoothly that more and more of my clients who live in Birmingham are opting to take advantage of it. I've gotten over my initial hurt feelings that people didn't want to come to my office. On reflection, I can understand it; I think I would prefer to do it this way myself if I could stay in the comfort of my home or office.

In my experience, the best use of my time (and your money) is to begin the process with a long phone call that we set up in advance by e-mail. We will begin with your giving me a Visa or Mastercard number (please do not send this to me by e-mail - it's not secure).

If you would like, we can meet online using a solution I have purchased called GoToMeeting. This is available to you at no extra charge, and it allows you to see your documents on your own computer screen as we build them together.

If you haven't already read Uncontested Divorce with Lee, you should read it now.


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