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Note on April 8, 2009: I'm sad to say this company appears to have ceased its operations. I'm trying to figure out now what happened. For the time being, I'm leaving the description in place, but the link doesn't take you anywhere that matters. I'm sorry. Thanks to Cheryl for spotting and telling me about the problem.

The two founders of Split-Up.com are the two creators of the first innovation in tax preparation software - Kiplinger's TaxCut. Having set the pace for excellence in tax preparation software, they have now turned their attention to the thorny issues of divorce. Based in Massachusetts, they have assembled a handful of products that make the issues of divorce a little more approachable for real people, and I'm proud to be associated with them.

Divorce Calculators

Child Support Guideline Calculators

Split-Up Financial Advisor

Pension Evaluator


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